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590 North from Rochester peters out at Irondequoit Bay and just about dead-ends at Marge's Lakeside Inn in Seabreeze, New York. Marge's hasn't been the same since Ron died but it's still a trip. We head straight for Vic & Irvs - good hot sauce and great onion rings. Vic and Irv's has been there for about sixty years. They used to grind their own beef and may still. I'm not sure if that's a good thing but the thin patties hang out over the bun and they taste great. They definitely still make their own milkshakes, no whipped foam here. For dessert I'd recommend the chocolate almond custard next door at the former Don and Bob's.

On the way down to the lake you'll see some chainsaw sculptures on your right. In the Adirondacks these things are everywhere. They can get away with it up there. If I put this bear out in front of our house in the city it would cause quite a stir. We saw this chainsaw artist in action down by Braddocks Bay and as luck with have it Steve Black had his video camera with him. View Chainsaw Movie (You might need the free Quicktime plugin to see the movie)

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