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My parents named my brother, sister and me after the saint who's feast day it was on the day we were born. I was named Paul because I was born on the feast day of Saint Paul of the Cross (pictured). Saint Paul dedicated his life to the memory of the Crucifixion. He founded the Passionists who minister to the poor and marginalized - symbols of the crucified today.

So in the tradition of my patron saint I planned to retell the story of Christ's crucifixion in a series of fourteen paintings. I looked to popular sources for a modern-day Christ figure and collected news photos, prints of Renaissance paintings, and holy cards in a large sketchbook. I decided on the new route. Jesus is sentenced at East High, gets his cross in McDonalds' parking lot across the street. He works his way down Main Street and gets crucified at the Liberty Pole in downtown Rochester. I take this route almost daily and was baptized at Corpus Christi Church (Station #7)

Two Lenten seasons came and went while my notebook grew. Ted Kaczynski was a front page story on Good Friday, 1996 and then on Good Friday, 1997, the leader of the Heaven's Gate cult was featured on the front pages. Lent, 1998 rolled around and I was overwhelmed with source material. I scanned the key elements from my pad and reconstructed the story on my computer. Fourteen, 21" x 28" digital prints were output on watercolor paper at Scale 2 and shown at the Bug Jar in Rochester, New York during Lent 1998.

I entered this series in the 1999 Finger Lakes Show at the Memorial Art Gallery and it won The Averell Council Award and The Harris Popular Vote Award.

I decided on a new route for the Way of The Cross and took photos for the 14 stops.
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