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I love billboards. I'd go to Red Wing Stadium as a kid and marvel at the billboards on the homerun fence. Zweigles Hot Dogs, Nance's Mustard, First Federal - The Hard Working Dollar, Ridge Lumber - The Home Of Lanky Planky, Happy Ice, Johnny Antonelli Tire, Hitchcock Belt, Jenny, Topper Brewing Company and Ragu Spaghetti.

For the last twenty years or so about half the billboards you'd see were for tobacco. Now that that is illegal, billboards are in a sad state. It's change-of-life time for them. Most are public service announcements like the anti smoking one above. Others now have a distressed nicotine-withdrawal look like the one to the right.


I know racing is getting really popular but this billboard looks downright scary. It might work in the Carolinas, but it just looks really odd on East Main Street in Rochester, New York.