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In the nineties all cars looked alike. Then came the PT Cruiser. This black one was parked across the street from Bacco's on Park Avenue. I thought it was going to be popular with kids but I all I see are aging boomers driving them.

This yellow Volkswagon is almost always in the parking lot at Mex. The new Volkswagen was only available on backorder when it first came out and the PT Cruiser was selling for six thousand dollars over the sticker price at Marina Dodge when they were unable to keep up with orders on them. Now the Mini Coopers are hot.

The best man at my wedding bought this 1972 Jag at an e-bay owned auction house on Hilton Head in South Carolina. They were serving free draft beer (Bud Light) on an especially hot day and he whipped out his credit card to buy this perfectly designed baby.

RIT Students Take Note: Car companies NEED designers.

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