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Can you imagine the calls the receptionist gets at 442-1040. Makes me think of the Jerky Boys routines. Variations of these billboards are all over town. They're going head to head with Jim "The Hammer" Shapiro, the maniacal sounding guy who advertises on TV a"the meanest S.O.B.". The billboard layouts are like Ali/Fraiser fight posters from the seventies. Beautiful copy writing too. Moran & Kufka even sprung for a cut out/pop-up version at the corner of Main and Goodman.

Cellino & Barnes had their own billboards scattered throughout town but they must have had a falling out because the current billboards have only Barnes pictured on them. Wonder if there was a lawsuit there? Malia & Kane had the "Injured" ad on the spine of the Yellow Pages and there is a new player with posters in the bus stop shelters.

Local photographer, Richard Margolis, called on Rochester Artists
to put the Cellino & Barnes pictures on the back of the old white pages to a good use.

"Tear their picture off your phone books before you put them in the trash and play with them. We ought to be able to put together a group show that is fun and creative if we all - or some of us? - collage, enhance, enlarge, draw on or in some way respond to those faces that intrude into our lives from billboards, ads, television, mailings and bus stops. It could be a little show in my studio, or it could grow to be a community-wide show if there is enough interest."

Check out the animated versions at the links below.

Let's Get Injured #1 

Let's Get Injured #2

Let's Get Injured #3


The Cellino & Barnes billboard on Monroe Avenue included an artist's touch.

I cannot rip the hearts out of those who hurt you. I cannot hand you their severed heads.

But I can hunt them down and settle the score. I may be an SOB, but I'm your SOB!

Jim"the Hammer" Shapiro