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What would happen if you got caught defacing one of these classic tank-like structures? And what would the penalty be if you were found guilty of trashing every mailbox in the country? See if you can spot any of the old logos left on a mailbox now that the Post Office is about done pasting the hideous, speedy-like-FedEx, italicized, new logo over the old ones. I just spotted one on University Avenue across from the old BTB restaurant/bakery near the ambulance company. These old things are built like a 49' Ford. They aren't going anywhere. They are fixtures of stability in our neighborhood. The new logo makes them all look like they are falling over.

The old logos are going fast. Let us know if you see any of them out there. Send us a photo, we'll post it and its location. Or if you live in Rochester just tell us where you spotted one and we'll go grab a photo

Readers Respond With Old Logo Sightings