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Spark Painting Listen to Sparky's Shed by Invisible Idiot while you cruise this site

I had five Sparky paintings in the window of Godiva's on Monroe Avenue in 1994. They were approximately life size and were painted on scrap wood with old house paint. Sparky gave me some of the wood. John, who owns the Oxford Pub across the street, bought them all and put them up in the bar where they hung for ten years. He told me he was thinking about renaming the place "Sparky's". I have collected enough Sparky episodes to do about sixty paintings.


1. Sparky says "My Hair Is Not That White" (as I paint him)

2. Tells me about Catching Fish Out Of a Parking Lot In PA. (after a big rainstorm)

3. His Kids Steal Money Out Of His Pants As He Sleeps

4. Sparky Shoots A Sewer Rat - (view painting)

5." I Might Just Side The Bastard" (talking about his Garage) (view painting)

6. Drives Into A River While Riding With A Drunk To Get A Guitar

7. "Look At Those God Damn Roses" (still blooming in November)

8. Sits In A Lazyboy With A Gun By His Side (bird in cage next to him)

9. Welds A Tripod Out of Copper Pipe To Take Photos Of Prints (for extra copies)

10. Sparky Hoses Down A Noisy Cricket

12. We Go Fishing With Sparky Near The Nuclear Power Plant (fish like the warm water)

13. Sparky Demonstrates His Car Alarm For The Bosnians next door

14. Sparky Breaks Up A Crap Game At The Corner By Calling Cops

15. I Try To Teach Sparky Fractions

16. Paints "Banjo Sparky" On His Chair For Gigs

17. Sparky Sits Next To Girl With Green Hair While On Flight To Las Vegas

18. Sparky Plants Flowers While They Are Still In The Cardboard Box

19. Sparky's Car Alarm Goes Off When Bass Heavy Car Stereo Goes By

20. Sparky Gets Extra Window Stickers With His Sears House Alarm

21. Sparky Goes To A Gig - (with "Sparky" written in magic marker on his shirt pocket) (view painting)

22. Sparky Cooks The Kilbassa In His Own Special Sauce (view painting)

23. Sparky Shows Me His Colostomy Bag (view painting)

24. Sparky Rounds Up The Nightcrawlers (view painting)

25. Sparky Recycles Aluminum (he pronouces it ally-loon-ee-mum) - smashes up old lawn chairs, dimantles lawn mowers in his garage. Has old scale in there.

26. Sparky Takes Rusty For A Ride

27. Sparky's Boat Cuts Loose From His Trailer And Passes Him On The Road (he says)

28. Sparky Changes Rusty's Name To Little Man And Then "Little Manny"

29. Sparky Takes Little Man To The Vet Because He Can't Poop

30. Sparky Goes To A Body Building Contest In Buffalo

31. Sparky Shoots At Squirrel With Slingshot

32. Sparky Gives Little Man A Haircut On The Tailgate Of His Truck

33. Sparky Chases A Squirrel Off His Property With His Cane

34. While out, Sparky Calls Little Man On His Answering Machine - ("Hello My Little Manny" - arf, arf)

35. Sparky Puts His House Up For Sale "By Owner" (no one makes an offer)

36. Sparky Burns His Lawn With A Heavy Application Of Fertilizer

37. Cuz Cuts His Finger Off In Sparky's Snow Blower

38. Sparky Welds A Schaeffer Beer Can To His Mower As A Muffler

39. Sparky Has Three Kinds Of Cancer - but will not allow doctors to open him up

40. Spark's wallet Gets Stolen In VA Hospital

41. Sparky Cracks Up His Truck - blames it on "Niggers"

42. Sparky Sues The Insurance Company - Back Injury

43. Sparky Buys A Ford Escort As Winter Car

44. Sparky Wires Apple Tree To Shock Squirrels

45. Sparky Picks Up Little Man's Poop With Small Shovel and throws it in neighbors yard

46. Sparky Gets Food Poisoning At Bill Grey's Hamburger Stand

47. Sparky Cuts the Cord On Electric Hedge Clippers

48. Sparky Brings Us Doughnuts And Reminds Us That He Doesn't Do Any Work Around the House (if the Workers Comp guy comes around)

49. Sparky Rakes His Lawn In His Pajamas

50. Sparky Pretends He Isn't Home On Halloween

51. Sparky Is Born On February 29 In A Leap Year - Changes His Birthday to February 27

52. Sparky Burn's His Mother In Laws Old Inhalers To Recycle The Aluminum (they pop)

53. Sparky Sees Our Cat, Ornette, At CVS?

54. Sparky Alternately Calls Cuz "His Brother-in-law" Or "His Cousin"

55. Sparky Makes An Ice Chopper Out Of An Old "Push Button For Walk Signal" Sign

56. Sparky Drives Off With His Cane On Top Of Car

57. Sparky Jacks Up Roof Of Shed

58. Sparky Washes Little Man's Rug in the Rain because Little Man won't sleep on the rug if he puts the in the washer

59. Hangs Six Pairs of Blue Gloves On Line After Washing them in old Maytag

60. Sparky Gets A Leaf Blower

61. Sparky Mistakes our Sun Ra CD for the Nuclear Power Plant Alarm Going Off.

62. Sparky Gets A Buffalo Bills Jacket For Christmas (2 sizes too big)

63. Sparky checks his engine and then closes hood on his cane so the cane sticks straight out

64. Sparky gives us a bag of tomatoes he got "out in the country" and they have silver spray paint on them

65. Sparky Drives Down The Street To Brush The Snow Off His Car

66. Sparky Meets The Gay Guys From Down The Street

67.Sparky Says He "Pissed Blood Last Night."

68. Sparky Get a Dodge Touring Coach

69. Sparky Installs the world's Largest Security Light On His Garage

70. Sparky Throws Little Man's Poop Over The Fence Into The Neighbors Yard

71. Sparky says his 18 year old cat died eatting poison Chinese cat food.

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