If you ever find yourself heading toward Albany on the New York State Thruway be sure and plan a roadstop near the Fonda exit along the scenic Mohawk river. There you can choose from two, competing, national shrines for an Indian woman called Kateri.

One shrine is just outside of Fonda. This is where she was baptised and where her Indian village was located. The other, larger shrine, is a few miles east on Route 5S in Auriesville. This is where she was born. and the shrine here also commemorates the seven north American Jesuit martyrs.

Kateri's feast day is July 14 but she is not yet a saint. Someone has to have a miracle happen after praying to her or through her intercession. The priest at the gift shop in Fonda said a friend of his had been cured of cancer after praying to her, but the friend had taken some chemotherapy so his case does not count.

The grounds of the shrine at Fonda are shown above and Auriesville is shown below. I would suggest doing both.

The shrine at Auriesville has clearly outdone the the one in Fonda. We were the only car in the parking lot at the Visitors Center on this August day. I'm guessing this place was here before they put the thruway in and it was bypassed like the Bates Motel.

Both shrines have outdoor stations of the cross if you are in the mood.