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About twenty years ago we found a book of matches from Lucia's Supper Club, a restaurant in Olean, New York. I don't remember where we found the matches but they made an impression. We weren't even sure where Olean was but thought it was closer to Rochester than it turned out to be.

We wrote a song about Lucia's as we imagined it. We figured that if it was a supper club, there surely was more to it than the food, so we came up with a fictional band that took the stage after dinner. We recorded the song for the album entitled "It's Different Out There" and the drawing on the front was supposed to be Lucia's Supper Club.

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Whatever happened to Personal Effects?

This year, on my birthday, we decided to track this place down. I did an Internet search and found that it was still in business and listed on a page of motels within 30 minutes of some auction site. I guess there was more to it than the the food. We got the New York State map out and headed south skirting Letchworth State Park because they wanted five bucks from us just to drive through at 35 miles per hour or whatever the speed limit is in there. Driving through those little towns down there has to be about as good as it gets. I always picture us living upstairs in one of those old brick buildings from the turn of the century right on Main Street and then I notice the Hardware Store is closed and about the only business left is a video rental store or maybe a laundromat. But Olean is different.

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