Wiener dogs to parade along East Avenue

ROCHESTER – It's Dachshund Day in the neighborhood! 

Rochester area dachshund lovers will gather on the front lawn of the Episcopal Church's Diocesan House, 935 East Ave. from 10 a.m. to noon Saturday to socialize and show off their pets.

"Owners and admirers of the 'wiener dogs' will parade along East Avenue to Saint Paul's Church and back singing 'The Dach's Song' and generally having a good time," said Marilyle Sweet Page, one of the organizers.

This is the third annual event, patterned after a similar event at Washington Square Park in New York City. Some of the dachshunds wear costumes, but that is not required.

She expects at least 40 dogs but that number could go up. If it's pouring rain, the festival will be held from 2 to 4 p.m. Sunday.


We spotted the announcement in the paper and decided not to miss the event. We cut the small article out and left it on our kitchen counter. Saturday morning came and there we were. We don't even own a dog but we couldn't resist. This event happens every year in the Spring in Rochester, New York.

Weiner Dog Parade

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from the 2005 Weiner Dog Parade

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from the 2004 Weiner Dog Parade

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Brace yourself for the Dachshund theme song as performed parade participants in 2005