I caught the Trout Mask Replica tour in Cincinnati, Ohio. Kim from Oakland took this photo and she thinks she still has the negs although she wasn't able to dig them up when she visited last. I still have the poster from this night

Jeff Sprigut brought some great shows to Rochester before he dropped the "Red" and "Inn" from the name of the club and turned it into a real sports bar - like people play sports in the bar, or on the grounds at least, in that big volleyball tent. I haven't been there since. But we saw Sun Ra there and Doug Sahm's Sir Douglas Quintet. I wound up with this photo of Captain Beefheart and two e-bayable tickets from the Beefheart show.

Greg from the House Of Guitars/Chesterfield Kings says Carl Mack took this photo below. Greg had a pretty cool fanzine at the time, Future Something, and he did an INTERVIEW wth Don while he sketched.

Rolling Stone was 50 cents on May 14, 1970 when I scooped up this issue from the news stand. There was a half page Warner Brothers ad on the inside split between Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band's "Trout Mask Replica" and The Grateful Dead's "Live Dead". The Dead ad had a quote from Lenny Kaye (who went on to play in The Patti Smith Group) saying "The Dead's music touches on ground that most groups don't even know exists.") I agree with that but Trout Mask Replica got to that ground and worked the heck out it.