Invisible Idiot “Outta Sight, Outta Mind” (ear 7)

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Invisible Idiot song titles include:
1. son of telly savalis - Download Free mp3
2. kudzoo
3. slinky
4. pimientos de padron
5. suitcase of beer
6. sparky's shed - Download Free mp3
7. mega lounge
8. abstract express - Download Free mp3
9. millions of brazilians
10. harmonium continuum
11. coconut
12. knight shifter
13. pipedreams
14. beach fires
15. jujubee
16. as is
17. jack lord
18. lava lamp
19. spit

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Invisible Idiot

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Invisible Idiot

Invisible Idiot is (left to right) Peggi Fournier — soprano sax; Jack Schaefer — guitar, bass clarinet, cello, tenor sax, flute, piano, glockenspiel and field tapes; Pete LaBonne — bass, farfisa, piano and harmonium; Paul Dodd - percussion and Shelley Valachovic — shakers.

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Invisible Idiot played around Rochester (under the name Margaret Explosin) a few years back and released one cd. The band shares members with Margaret Explosion who continue to perform regularly. Invisible Idiot is actually the original Margaret Explosion line up. The band regrouped and recorded their one and only cd while Margaret Explosion was performing with a new line up.

MARGO IDIOT Part Margaret Explosion, part Invisible Idiot. Pete LaBonne and Jack Schaefer join Peggi, Paul and Ken at the Little Theatre, 03.16.05.
Super Slinky

INVISIBLE EXPLOSION - Jack Schaefer joined Margaret Explosion while Bob Martin was out of town. A live cd of this group entitled "Invisible Explosion" is available at Margaret Explosion gigs for $5. Four songs from February 16, 2005 are available here for download.
01 Improv | 03 Improv | 06 Improv | 11 Improv


From the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle August 20, 1999
COCKTAIL JAZZ “Outta Sight, Outta Mind

In a blind-hearing test (how's that for an oxymoron?), “Outta Sight, Outta Mind” sounds like a new release by John Lurrie's great fake-jazz ensemble, the Lounge Lizards. But “Outta Sight, Outta Mind” is actually a new limited-edition CD by Invisible Idiot, a Rochester jazz ensemble featuring too-hip scene-sters Paul Dodd, Peggi Fournier (both formally of the Hi-Techs, Personal Effects and the Margaret Explosion), Pete LaBonne, Jack Schaefer and Shelley Valachovic.

With vaguely Eastern influences — and we're not talking about New Jersey — Fournier's sinuous sax winds its way through songs like Telley Savalas, which seems to be less a composition than a thought, and the John Cage-style piano atonalities of “Suitcase Of Beer.” It's the song titles that hint at what you are hearing: “Mega Lounge”, “Jack Lord”, “Abstract Express” and “Lava Lamp”.

— Jeff Spevak

From City Newspaper August 18-24, 1999
Invisible Idiot, Outta Sight, Outta Mind, Earring Records

Invisible Idiot is the first cousin of the Margaret Explosion, an otherworldly lounge band that, from October 1996 through June 1998, played an esoteric weekly Friday night happy hour at the Bug Jar. The ethereal soundtrack they provided cast an often eerie, slow-motion effect on the just-out-of-work crowd's revelries. The group's improvised minor-key melodies bathed the room in a melancholy glow, suggesting old eight-millimeter home movies, and blurring the line between experience and reminiscence.

The music on Outta Sight, Outta Mind was made by many of the same musicians. Mostly recorded in six sessions during March and April 1997, in Paul Dodd and Peggi Fournier's living room, the pieces collected on Outta Sight capture much of the same mood as their Margaret counterparts. A feeling of calm detachment pervades the disc, along with a dreaminess that brings to mind Personal Effects' (Fournier and Dodd were the forces behind that beloved Rochester band) gorgeous classic "Don't Wake Me." Not every dream is a good dream, though, and I'm pretty sure I heard a stifled cry or two coming from that soprano sax, and maybe an exhortation from old Father Time to keep things moving. Outta Sight, Outta Mind is a brilliant soundtrack, for whatever movie happens to come along.

— Chuck Cuminale