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From cd entitled "Live Dive"
Live Dive
Super Slinky

From cd entitled "Skyhigh"
Sleep Of Reason

From cd entitled "1969"
Tip Toe

From cd entitled "Happy Hour"
Floating At The Bug Jar
Outtake from "Happy Hour" sessions
Three Chins

Margaret Explosion playing live with Polymer (from Buffalo) at AV Space
AV Space

Peggi Lee's Fever recorded April 26th at the Little Theatre Cafe with Jack Schaefer on bass clarinet.

Recorded live at the Little Theatre Cafe on 9.28.05. This track may be included on an upcoming double live cd.

More live tracks from the Little Theatre - recorded live on 10.12.5
Marching Orders

Live recording from the Little on 06.01.05 with Doctor Fred Marshall on piano.
Time Zone

Margo Idiot, part Margaret Explosion, part Invisible Idiot. Pete LaBonne and Jack Schaefer join Peggi, Paul and Ken at the Little Theatre, 03.16.05.
Super Slinky

Invisible Explosion: Jack Schaefer occaisionally joins Margaret Explosion when Bob Martin is out of town. Recorded 01.16.05, four songs are available here for download.
01 Improv
03 Improv
06 Improv
11 Improv

One improv and a nod to Coltrane recorded live at the Little on 11.27.04 .
A Love Supreme

Live multitrack recording from the Little with Pete Labonne on piano February 25, 2004. Bob Martin mixed these in CuBase.
Tip Toe (Live)
Don't Wake Me (Live)

Margaret Explosion Minus Two: Guitar player, Bob Martin was out of town and our bass player was sick. Paul and Peggi were there with special guest, Pete LaBonne on grand piano! Recorded live at Little Theatre Cafe on 01.14.04.
It Ain't Necessarily So
Don't Wake Me
Floating At The Bug Jar
New Gait

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Songs from self titled Personal Effects EP
So Hard

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Six songs, the entire set, from Pete LaBonne's March 2005 Milestones gig.
1 100 Monkeys Typing
2 Somebody Must Be Praying For Me
3 Silhouette
4 Sound Of Doom
5 Toothy Ruthie
6 Turning The Page

From cd entitled "Glob"
You And Your Big Mouth

We Live Like Kings from live performance with the Incredible Casuals at the Beachcomer in Wellfleet on Cape Cod.

Why Was I Born performed by the Mill Town Bastards featuring Pete LaBonne from a 2004 rehearsal tape.

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From cd entitled "Outta Sight. Outta Mind"
Son Of Telly Savalis
Abstract Express
Sparky's Shed

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From cd entitled "11:11"
4 am

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Each full length CD is $10 including shipping in the US (except "Live At The Little" which is $12)
Price includes US postage. Overseas add $3.


Margaret Explosion
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Margaret Explosion

Live At The Little
Various Artists
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Margaret Explosion

Margaret Explosion
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Margaret Explosion

Margaret Explosion
Happy Hour
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Margaret Explosion

Invisible Idiot
Outta Sight. Outta Mind
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Just released, Margaret Explosion's newest cd features twelve new songs and version of Bob Martin's "4 AM" recorded in three sessions with Pete LaBonne on piano. The opening track is dedicated to Alice In Wonderland and Alice Coltrane. Other tracks are named after Rochester haunts, "Shep's Paradise" and "The Playground Tavern".

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Six bands, the regular weekly lineup, recorded live at the Little Theatre Cafe in May of 2004. This cd featuures the Brady Miller Trio, The White Hots, Ben Gallina Trio, Margaret Explosion, Trio East, Bob Sneider Duo, Diane Armesto Quartet, and Gene Bertoncini. The Margaret Explosion track, "Floating At The Bug Jar" features Pete LaBonne on piano.

Released in late 2003, "1969" is an organic exploration of wide open sonic landscapes. Recorded live to four tracks at Studio 55, the sax, guitar, drums and bass lineup nods to that period that zoomed by when rock met jazz.

The Margaret Explosion lineup now includes three former members of Personal Effects and the new cd includes an instrumental of “Don’t Wake Me” from Personal Effects’ 1983 debut album.

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City Newspaper said: "Margaret Explosion is an otherworldly lounge band that played an esoteric weekly Friday night happy hour at the Bug Jar. The ethereal soundtrack they provided cast an often eerie, slow-motion effect on the just-out-of-work crowd's revelries. The group's improvised minor-key melodies bathed the room in a melancholy glow, suggesting old eight-millimeter home movies, and blurring the line between experience and reminiscence."

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“Outta Sight, Outta Mind” is instrumental so it works in all languages. It rocks the sub-conscience. Invisible Idiot's music is drenched in a Sunday afternoon daydream. “Outta Sight, Outta Mind” will make you see things with your ears. A limited edition of 500 cds was engraved in two colors at Paul Klem's in Rochester, New York. The band logo is blind embossed. The package is as seductive as the music.

City Newspaper says “Outta Sight, Outta Mind” is a brilliant soundtrack, for whatever movie happens to come along"

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Margaret Explosion

Pete LaBonne
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Margaret Explosion

Bob Martin
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These twelve songs from the legendary Pete LaBonne fit together so well that they might contain the secrets of the universe. Only repeated listening will tell.

City Newspaper says “Pete Labonne is a genius. A master of the little word/big concept school of songwriting.”

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Bob Martin, formerly with Personal Effects, has crafted this guitar-based, instrumental collection of worldly soundscapes for yoga teachers and massage therapists to use in their work. If you aren't into either of these practices, it's perfect for spacing out on your own.