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Stupid Jerk Press
Books by Pete LaBonne

Marie Antoinette

She done all she have could. And STILL they plumb hog-skeezixed her rutabaker.
Baby's First Book Of Names A stunningly graphic exploration into the loss of innocence.
Ah, Grow Up Pete mocks out Marion Winik's new book. She asked him to.
Venus 2000 ...a moving vision of women's will to endure in an unjust world. 
Georgics 2000 Pete's Annex To Shelley's Woodland Whatever.
Picture in your mind's eye, a 15oz can of mackerel split into 3 baggies for 4 people. "Ups, looks like sumbiddy dont git one"
Lice The compassionate saga unfolds.
Son Of Lice Hot dolls spared all!